A recap into the first month of XODS Token and the Grassroots Ecosystem being crafted around it.

After a fair and just grassroots launch on May 11th, XODS token soared in percentage gains of over 600,000% and continues to liberate its pioneering community spread across the African Diaspora from their shackles of centralization and socioeconomic snares. To teach a lifelong lesson of how to be decentralized, XODS rewarded its small and flourishing community of pioneers with an exclusive airdrop worth well over a quarter of a million dollars combined. Each Pioneer Holder received an airdrop of 100,000 XODS tokens, a total of over $4,000 at all-time high. To qualify for this luxurious airdrop the users only had to follow two instructions: create and backup a decentralized finance (DEFI) wallet (ie: Trust Wallet or MetaMask) and import the token contract onto PancakeSwap (a decentralized exchange using automated market makers) and thus begin interacting with the XODS token Smart Contract.

Other airdrops have been conducted such as: collaborating with Rapper and Comedian Smackwater to give the gift of decentralization to his fanbase and a pop-up randomized airdrop for XODS social media followers. There are more airdrops to come, however, none compare to the value of the first air drop that was gifted to Pioneers who adopted early. The Founders came to the consensus early on about the best way to spread out and pay forward the many blessings of blockchain technology and decided that by simply helping their own people amongst their own communities with an easy and accessible route towards learning the technology, that they would also be put in a position to greatly benefit from utilizing a decentralized asset as fiat currencies continue to falter.

XODS is a semi-decentralized BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain Main net. XODS is censorship-resistant and aims to create a web of social platforms for African American descendants of slaves. Not only to encourage the use of alternative currency outside of the traditional fiat system but also to reestablish centuries of lost economic independence. XODS was created as a payment token that can be utilized as a form of trade on traditional cryptocurrency exchanges or within the XODS web of platforms. XODS also aims to create payment settlement bridges to networks outside of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

This project is still currently in the early stages of development. We are a utility token on Binance Smart Chain and have four main use cases, all other secondary uses are outlined in our whitepaper. Our first product, XOJUMP, is currently being developed. A non-functional beta version of the landing page is currently available only to serve as a visual reference for what will be fully operational within the coming months. XOJUMP is a privacy-oriented search engine that will serve as an advertisement hub for decentralized merchants and provide anonymized virtual debit cards for consumers to purchase. XOJUMP users will be rewarded in XODS tokens if they choose to view advertised content and participate in peer-to-peer networking.

XODS WORLD is a soon to be a developed virtual reality platform that will allow users to create, experience, and monetize virtual real estate, content, and applications for educational, entertainment, and developmental purposes in hopes for these new avenues of technological expression and mercantilism to be expounded upon by all age groups within the African Diaspora and abroad who are seeking to explore what the metaverse is while learning how to conduct and operate a business there as well. XODS DASH is a soon to be developed mobile running game intertwined into the XODS ecosystem, tokens can also be bought by the player through in-app purchases with payments of fiat currency (ie: done via the anonymized virtual prepaid debit cards of XOJUMP). XODS tokens can also be sent to players’ built-in XODS wallets and be used to purchase in-game items. XLIBRARY is a project soon to be developed that is aimed towards partnering with authors, book publishers, educators, artists, and content creators to reward XODS holders for reading and gaining knowledge that can help them in their everyday lives. This will also serve as a sandbox effort for decentralizing education and entertainment mediums and standards. Although we are currently a Binance Smart Chain token we aim for main netting over time, this will also serve to better facilitate our secondary uses including but not limited to: governed charity pools, staking rewards, lottery pools, burning votes on infrastructure developments for our Pioneers and community worldwide, etc.

XODS has 1,000,000,000 tokens in its max supply and is currently circulating. 25% of XODS tokens (250,000,000 XODS) are allocated specifically for liquidity. XODS wants all of its Pioneers to be able to convert and use their tokens without delays and expensive gas fees which is another reason why XODS is a BEP-20. 20% of XODS tokens (200,000,000 XODS) are allocated for current and future Marketing & Development. XODS plans to dedicate the tokens towards developing its presence in the crypto-realm by executing its marketing and infrastructure plans. We will allow our Pioneer holders to vote in a decentralized manner to enact restorative, justice-seeking, and sovereign infrastructure developments to be constructed to positively impact the lives of all within the African Diaspora. 20% of XODS tokens (200,000,000 XODS) are for airdrops, over 20 million XODS tokens were gifted into circulation to Pioneers well before any exchange listing. Tokens will be distributed slowly over time to encourage healthy growth and onboarding of new individuals seeking financial freedom with blockchain technology. 20% of XODS tokens (200,000,000 XODS) are allocated for the Founders List. The founders’ fund is to reward the creators of XODS for their ongoing contributions to the network. People give a network its value and because of that, we will always do what is best aligned with the interests of pioneer holders for many generations to come. No tokens were sold from the founders’ wallet at XODS all-time high. 10% of XODS tokens (100,000,000 XODS) are allocated for outside advisors who wish to broaden their operational horizons in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We want to empower our pioneering community members and potential business partners with the vast benefits of an appreciating semi-decentralized payment token that can also be used for various means of trade and exchange. 5% of XODS tokens (50,000,000 XODS) are allocated for reserve funds where tokens are set aside to be used in various ways for the XODS team to distribute such as: providing additional liquidity when the network needs it; can be spent and burnt for plans conceptualized by Founders and propelled by XODS Pioneer holders. Decentralized trust is a concept respected by many, all information concerning the Tokenomics of XODS and activities conducted by XODS wallets can be seen publicly on xods.io/stats.

XODS’ main goal is to put the power of finance back into the hands of the people. In the future, the XODS team aims to have XODS utilized in several industries including but not limited to Charity, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Medical, Transportation, Automotive and Agriculture. The full scope of this, however, will be actualized with the main net launch later in the future.

The XODS Founders believe that every soul that has been inflicted by the world’s governmental tyrants should indeed begin to claim back a portion of their independence day by day. We believe that the honest, transparent, and programmable nature of blockchain and cryptocurrencies allows for those exiled and begging their oppressors for acceptance and justice, to begin harnessing their own collective powers to build their own sovereign way of life. When the people take their money out of the beast system and banks, they will see just how desperate their governments truly were for their financial and political compliance. The wars on our people will not stop until the diaspora comes to a consensus and agrees that we’ve had enough, demand a stop on any and all forms of dependence on world government aid and inflated stimulations, and understand that we must stop funding our subjugators and contributing to our demise with our own lifestyles. Instead, we must use wisdom and create new inclusive infrastructures that will better the lives of the generations after the XODS Pioneers.


If you would like to become a pioneer in this revolutionary social network please visit xods.io and email info@xods.io for additional information. The XODS Founders wish to thank you for your interest in creating a just and decentralized world for all to enjoy.





XODS is a censorship resistant BEP-20 token aiming to create a web of social platforms for African American descendants of slaves.

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XODS Token

XODS Token

XODS is a censorship resistant BEP-20 token aiming to create a web of social platforms for African American descendants of slaves.

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